The Beginning… Of something fun and helpful i hope.

I have finally go around to starting a website for my personal blog and activities and a place to write up articles to help folks out. I suspect that is what most of you readers will be here for. Over the years i have done lots of work on the web, games, apps and tons of non tech stuff. During which i received and discovered help and i want to return the favour.

So here it goes… Lets see where it will lead us.

Quick FAQ for People:

  • The Variants Of?

The Variants Of is a combination of the different aspects of my work, hobbies and life. I have my Tech, Game Development, Design, Prepping and Survival, Photography and well just about anything really.

  • One Website for all this?

Well at least to begin with yeah, it may be a way to discover new audiences for me and new content and interest for you. Shall see how it goes.