The Variants Of...

Below you can find the 4 main variants of me, 4 different personas if you will


TVO is basically just me, my businesses, projects, general everyday life and interesting items for sharing.

Photo Bob

Photo Bob is how i share all my professional and interesting photos, some commercial and some for enjoyment.


Home of my outdoor, nature, prepping and self sustainability and reliance channel on Youtube with some reviews.

Tech Stuff

All things tech related, guides, tutorials and write-ups on technology and software.

Who am i?

Im a Brit living in Sweden, Im a techy outdoor enthusiast with interests in global living, business, all things green and a multitude of other stuff.
Robert Mizen

Robert Mizen

Director and Consultant

Consulting Partner at Nordic State, Director of Micuna AB and Private Production Manager...

Owner of this website

Blog Posts

Articles written by me containing all interests

Reach Me

There is a couple of ways to contact me

Find me at my office

My office is everywhere and often conduct meetings online. However if your near the following towns then face to face is possible.

Uppsala, Gävle, Stockholm and Söderhamn, Sweden

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Robert Mizen

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