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Stereotype pondering the meaning of life pose at Älvkarleby Kraftverk in Älvkarleby, Sweden.

The Brit in Sweden

If you read the above caption, you will have read that i am in Sweden. (Probably) I do like to travel and maybe I’m not in Sweden at the time your reading. Easily deducible by various blog posts or photos.

I live in Sweden, while i have been here i have lived in various places such as Stockholm, Gävle, Älvkarleby, Bollnäs and others. Its big here, really big. So you need to explore.

Call of the Wild

Sweden is a very different country then most, and even after 6 years i am still surprised at the new things i discover and find here. I regard Sweden as a hidden gem of countries that people immigrate to or holiday in, this is changing in recent years but even with the notable increase, Sweden remains a obscure and odd choice to holiday in, let alone move ones life here.

There is a general saying in Sweden that refers to the “call of the wild”, something that draws many Swedish people back here after living abroad in the USA or the UK for a few years. The lure of the wild could refer to the natural beauty, established social security system, the societal morals and opinions or simply just the familiar surrounding. As a foreigner here, and believe me even though the UK is only 1 and a half to 2 hours flight from London to Stockholm, it is worlds apart and the lure of the wild is just as effective if not more so on foreigners then native swedes.

I indeed came on holiday here with several of my college and university friends several years ago, to a ski resort town called Åre. Åre is considered to be Swedens prime ski resort and is located in a truly beautiful valley and is obscure in the world of winter sports for a lot of people who usually holiday to France, Switzerland or Austria for such activities. Once you visit a town like Åre, you will never forget it and Swedens famed “call of the wild” will bring you back.