Original article linked below in Swedish from Gefle Dagblad, a newspaper from the city of Gävle and the surrounding provide of Gävleborg and neighboring municipalities.

Link to Original on GD.se

Covering our move to Sweden, some small bumps in the road and the quest to start and establish a game studio in Sweden.

English Translation:

Chance took them to Skutskär

They love Sweden, and decided to create a future here. Now Robert Mizen and Stuart Brooks have started a company and will hire four employees.

“We love Sweden and Älvkarleby”.

That they ended up in Skutskär was a pure chance. After traveling in Åre and Stockholm, they chose to settle in the capital 2011.

Robert Mizen & Stuart Brooks outside the Government House in Älvkarleby Kommun

The goal was to create an IT company focused on gaming and other software.

Robert Mizen had a company in Britain but wanted to start a new studio in Sweden.

In Stockholm they rented an expensive apartment in second hand but had to move because the second hand rent was not allowed. A refugee from Tibet whom they contacted offered them instead to live in his apartment in Skutskär.

They arrived a year ago, and after a lot of stranglehold with Swedish authorities (see article below) they could start their business.

“Then everything has gone very fast,” says Robert Mizen.

After living in a small apartment, they received help from the Moderate Opposition Council in Älvkarleby, Kenneth Holmström, to find a larger apartment in Skutskär. He also works as a consultant in NyföretagarCentrum (New Business Center) and has helped the duo to find the right contacts to get started with the business.

He also helped them to enter Swedish for Immigrants, waiting for them to get their business started.

“It gave us something to do,” said Robert Mizen.

They have been supported by Almi for their corporate idea and have also been welcomed by Movexum in Gävle who helped them with an office in Teknikparken.

Robert Mizen and Stuart Brooks have an employee in England who will move to Sweden next year. But they already need to hire more. 24 people searched when NRD Studios wanted to recruit new staff for four services.

Sweden was a logical choice because game development has a strong position here and there are plenty of creative people.

The company, NRD Studios, has already released several games and has a number of projects in progress. A game is submitted to Apple to be approved and the next major project is a game for X-Box.

“Sweden is a good country to live in,” says Robert Mizen.


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