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Champions of Demah – (PC, Linux, Mac)


  • Status: Hiatus/On Hold
  • Websites: SteamModdbindiedbGamersGateKickstarterFacebook
  • Years of Production: 2013-2014
  • Role: Senior Producer, Studio Manager, Project Manager
  • Duties: Project Management, Finance, Management of Studio and Team, Administration of Studio and Business, Web, Server and Social Media Management, Digital Graphics, Promotion and Marketing.

Description of my Role:

My role in the studio was vast and encompassed a huge number of responsibilities. Me and an original founder had the idea for the game during a concept session after completing a iOS title and were decided on what to do next.

We came up with the idea for Champions of Demah and began work connecting and recruiting of which I was tasked with. I put together a larger team, employed 7 more staff and created sub teams and planned the project.

During production I held weekly production meetings, ran social media and promotion campaigns and designed the Kickstarter campaign. I produced 3d and 2d graphics along with my team and worked with engine development and studio management.

During this time I was also involved in financing the project, which provided difficult and ultimately resulted in the project being halted. During my time as a producer and studio manager I was involved in the implementation of Perforce, JIRA and other middleware and tools to assist in development.




Below is the Kickstarter video we produced for the project, of which myself and one other were the designers and directors of. Following that, there are a number of videos of the project which you may like to see.

View more videos here:



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