I can offer a wide range of services to your business, organisation or to individuals. I consider projects of all sizes and can be very flexible with pricing and services depending on your needs and budget. In the past, i have been able to cater to a wide range of different types of companies and people. You can be sure that i will be able to come up with a solution to your needs.

Are you a Green Company or a company that assists the planet in a notable way? I offer Green companies and and companies doing good work for humanity 50% discounts for the work they do. The eligibility of the discount depends on the type of activity your company or you are engaged in and is discussed during the initial process.

Interested in finding out more, if i can assist you and your company? Contact me be below.

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Some common questions answered, below

What Services do i Offer?

Website, WordPress, Server, iOS App Development, Graphics, Media, Photography, Marketing, Advertising, Consulting in IT, Game and Creative Media and a wide range of other areas!

How much do i charge?

I usually charge around 500 SEK (Swedish Krona) per hour. But often it works out better and cheaper for clients to work within a certain budget or fixed price for the work they wish done. I usually prefer this method. Small tasks i usually charge by the hour.

The amount i charge will also vary based on the location of the company, the economic situation of the company or person as well as various green or humanity factors.

What works have i done?

I have done a wide range of works of carrying sizes in the past. I have worked on small web projects for newly starting companies to doing custom data driven backend services for government.

Some of my clients have also requested a managing service (a service in which i am employed permanently to oversee various aspects of their services and operation to provide constant updates, maintenance and consulting.)

You can find the list of some of my publicly accessible works here.

Do i have any Feedback & Testimonials?

I have feedback and testimonials from some of my past and current clients as well as recommendations from various past and present partners and work colleagues.

You can find a list of some testimonials here.

What experience and qualifications do i posses?

Always a good question to ask any prospective business partner or contractor. I have been working in the industry as a contractor and consultant since i was 16 years old and have worked for and managed various studios in multiple countries in the different professions i list here.

If you are interested to see my educational and professional background, you are most welcome to view my online CV here on this website here.