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English Translation:

Englishmen start a gaming company in Skutskär

A holiday in Åre. Then it was decided. Robert Mizen and Stuart Brooks would move to Sweden to start their game company. Today they launch their first app.

May 27, 2011, Robert Mizen and Stuart Brooks flew off the plane in Stockholm. New graduates from the University of Lincoln and University of Bolton, with saved money in their pocket, were just getting started – they thought. But the Swedish authorities were stuck in the wheel.

“It took three months before I got a social security number and seven months before Stuart got his,” said Robert Mizen.

Robert Mizen and Stuart Brooks in Teknikparken in Gävle where the studio is located.

Meanwhile, they tried to get rid of the paper, they became homeless. The second-hand apartment that they rented could not be rented out by the way it turned out.

– We wrote online that we needed somewhere to live. A man from Tibet heard of him, saying that we were welcome to live in his apartment in Skutskär, says Robert Mizen.

The move to Skutskär was the starting point for the two young English men’s company. Soon they got contact with new business centers, a company loan from ALMI and an office at Teknikparken in Gävle. Where they are going right now.

“We tried to get started these things right away when we came to Sweden but it was a struggle. In this region it was different. Here’s a good place to start business, says Stuart Brooks.

Within the next few days, they release their first game in the form of an application for smart phones. Then the company will expand.

– It is a matter of not stagnating. Now we are going to hire four people. The next project will be to develop a game for PC and Mac, says Robert Mizen.

The plans for the future are great. The company is going to grow and devote itself to helping other gaming studios to establish themselves. The goal is to put Älvkarleby on the game map.

“In Skutskär where we live everything is good. There is a shop, a pharmacy and a bus stop to Gävle. That’s all I need. When we are here in Gävle, we will establish ourselves in Älvkarleby too, says Robert Mizen.


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