Introduction to Raspberry Pi Remote Desktop

This simple and short guide will get Raspberry Pi Remote Desktop (using RealVNC Server) which comes pre installed on Raspbian OS after 2016.

RealVNC server is included in Raspbian 2016. To start using Raspberry Pi with Remote Desktop you simply has to enable the RealVNC Server that is installed on the system all ready.


Open up the Terminal on your Raspberry Pi and enter sudo raspi-config at the command prompt to open it. Follow the steps below to enable and restart your Raspberry Pi.

  1. Select “Interfacing Options” on the Main Menu.
  2. Select “VNC”, to enable the VNC Server.
  3. Now restart the Raspberry Pi with the sudo reboot command.

To use VNC Server on the Raspberry Pi you will need to have a client machine that can access it. To do that we need to install RealVNC Viewer on the computer you want to access the Raspberry Pi from. Using the link provided to RealVNC Viewer below, download and install/run the application. RealVNC Viewer runs on multiple platforms so follow the relevant setup for your system.

Download RealVNC Viewer

Once RealVNC Viewer opens, it will present a simple screen which will ask you to type in a IP Address. Here you will want to type in your Raspberry Pi’s IP Address.

Pressing enter, you will be asked for the user name and password for the Raspberry Pi. You should have set this up when you initially setup your Raspberry Pi and Raspbian.

On some systems you will be presented with a warning dialogue box due to the first time connecting to the Raspberry Pi. You can safely ignore the message and proceed.


Boom! You will be shown the Raspbian Desktop from your Raspberry Pi on your chosen computer, the image is live and fairly responsive.

Further Tasks & Options

From this point you can also change settings, such as the desktop resolution. The mouse and keyboard connected to the computer will be picked up by RealVNC Viewer and RealVNC Server and should work without any further setup.

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