Robert Mizen Interviewed on Swedish Radio

Robert Mizen interviewed on Swedish Radio about the game industry. A short interview by Sveriges Radio (Sweden Radio) about the difficulty in hiring and finding new staff for the game industry in Sweden where the industry is growing faster then talent can be found.

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Interview is in both English and Swedish languages depending on the interviewee. With me in English.

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English Translation:

Computer Game Developers difficult to Grab

Robert Mizen, CEO of game development studio in Gävle, in their local area. In the background, Stuart Brooks sits and animates. Photo: Emil Tomassen / SR Gävleborg

Although the computer games industry is doing well in Sweden, when the industry doubled its sales last year, it is not entirely without problems.

“The biggest challenge is finding staff, it’s hard to get good staff who have experience of game production, almost all companies want to hire, but that’s the biggest challenge,” says Per Strömbäck, speech spokesman for the computer game industry.

The industry is screaming for staff
Even though more computer game developers are trained than ever in Sweden, the industry is screaming for experienced staff. It’s hard to find the right people.

However, NRD Studios in Gävle succeeded. The studio consists of two guys who moved here from the UK who just hired four people for their upcoming, yet secret projects, all from Gävleborg.

“The Talks Ended”
“We were lucky, because in this region of the country there are still talented game developers to get hold of, it looks worse in the rest of the country, where talent in Sweden has almost ended,” says Robert Mizen, President of the studio, and continues:

“Another problem is that one of the applicants for our studio from abroad was really good, but the bureaucracy that comes from hiring people from abroad makes it easy to avoid it, it puts sticks in many game development studios.

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