Introduction to the Trangia 27UL

This is a first impressions of the Trangia 27UL cooking set. This is something I was looking for to replace my older camping and mess kit set for lighter weight. The Trangia 27UL is a cooking set based on Trangias Alcohol stove system with support also for gas stoves that uses short tubes to a external gas canister. The set includes a Pot Holder, Alcohol Stove, 2 Saucepans, Frying Pan with non-stick surface and a windshield. I purchased a external gripper separately to accompany the set.

If you wish you can skip to the end to see the Product Review Data Panel, which outlines the Pro’s, Con’s and key information bites.

Video – First Look and Impressions

Below you will find the in-depth video from the Youtube Channel, NordicBritPrepper.


Overall my impressions of the set, which also contains some usage in the field is good. The set is very lightweight and portable. It folds down to a relatively small size, considering the amount of parts it has and its usability. You will find smaller more compact sets, but this set worked well for two persons camping and eating a wide variety meal.

The set is quite cheap and made very well. There was a sharp edge on the saucepan which I cut my self on. A result of a machine finish I would imagine. Never the less I am happy with the product and it now forms the core of my camping and outdoor cooking set.

Please see below the the data review of the pros, cons and other interesting material. Links to various stores also shown below.

Trangia 27UL

20 USD








  • Good Price
  • Solid Build Quality
  • Versatile
  • Sleek and Stylish


  • Some Ruff Edges
  • Little Bulky


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